Who We Are:

Atlantans For a Fair Deal is a diverse group of citizens coming together to demand a fairer deal for Atlanta concerning the public financing plan of the new Falcons Stadium. We do not support  the current plan passed by the Atlanta City Council in March 2013 pertaining to the public financing because it is unfair to all the citizens of Atlanta.

What We're Calling For:

The Atlanta City Council should introduce a resolution rescinding the March 2013 agreement to provide public funding of the new stadium—the city of Atlanta deserves a better deal.

The Current Deal Costs:

$882 million - hotel/motel tax funds (per Georgia World Congress Center Authority documents)
$250 million - estimated 30 year property tax exemption (at least 60% - approximately $150 million should go to Atlanta Public Schools)
$25 million - sales tax credit on construction cost
$24 million - state land (estimated value prior to purchase of churches and other properties)
$15 million - community development
$1.2 BILLION - total public money benefiting the Atlanta Falcons

If you agree that the deal between the Atlanta Falcons, the State of Georgia  and the City of Atlanta is intentionally  structured to pardon  the obligation on the Atlanta Falcons’ part to pay any local property taxes to the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Public Schools from its operations of the stadium, or any other issue we raise, we need you to stand up. 

A New Plan Should:

  1. Place a cap on the amount of monies made available to the Falcons for operations and maintenance and a legal requirement imposed upon the Falcons to match it.
  2. Make available any leftover monies for civic improvements, community revitalization and economic development, especially in those neighborhoods most severely impacted by the new stadium.
  3. Require The Falcons to pay their fair share of local property taxes to the City and Atlanta Public Schools.
  4. Be a binding commitment by the Falcons to use commercially reasonable efforts to use Atlanta-based businesses to do the work and to report back to the community on the results.
  5. Prohibit any money going to state agencies unless City agencies get an equal amount.
  6. Consider credible alternatives to the re-routing of MLK, Jr. Blvd and the current positioning of the stadium on the site, so as not to wall off and further isolate a community whose economic vitality is already at risk.

Five Things You Can Do Today:

  1. Write or call your Atlanta City Council-Person

  2. Join the fight contact us, make a donation or call 404-249-1470

  3. Like us on Facebook

  4. Invite us to your next community meeting

  5. Talk to your neighbors